Fall 2009 IEEE Power Amplifier Symposium

Conference Executive Committee
General Chairman:  Dr. Pete Zampardi (Skyworks Solutions, Inc.)
Technical Program Chairman:  Paul Draxler (Qualcomm, Inc.)
Finance Chairman: Dr. John Wood (Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.)
Local Arrangements: Professor James Buckwalter (UCSD)
Advisor at Large: Professor Peter M. Asbeck (UCSD)

Monday, September 14

8:50-10:20       Session 1                                 Plenary
“The Fourth Age of Wireless: Challenges and Opportunities,” (Plenary)
Prof. Thomas H. Lee,
Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA
"A Fully Integrated Dual Band SiGe BiCMOS Power Amplifiers for 802.11 abg-n Applications," (Invited)
Peter Gammel,
SiGe Semiconductor, Andover, MA, USA

10:40-12:30     Session 2         CMOS Power Amplifiers and Technology
"Millimeter-wave CMOS Power Amplifiers," (Invited)
Ali Niknejad,
University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USA

"A Non-Thru Wafer Via Ground for SiGe Power Amplifiers,"
V. Blaschke, T. Thibeault, L.Lanzerotti, C. Cureton, Zwingman, KarRoy, Preisler, Howard, Racanelli,
Jazz Semiconductor, Newport Beach, CA, USA
"A 2.4GHz, 24 dBm SOI CMOS Power Amplifier with fully Integrated Output Balun and Switched Capacitors for Load Line Adaptation,"
Francesco Carrara, Calogero D. Presti, F. Pappalardo, G. Palmisano,
Universita di Catania, Catania, Italy, and UCSD, LaJolla, CA, USA

"A Digitally-Modulated SOI CMOS Asymmetrical Doherty Amplifier,"
K. Takenaka, S. Pornpromlikit, C.D. Presti, A. Scuderi, P.M Asbeck,  
Renesas Technology Corp, Komoro, Nagano, Japan; UCSD, LaJolla, CA, USA; STMicroelectronics, Catania, Italy

1:30-3:00         Session 3         User Terminal Power Amplifier Technology
"A Compact Flip Chip Single Die WiFi FEM for Smart Phone Applications,"
Cindy Yuen, Kirk Laursen, Duc Chu, Heinz Do, Henry Chen, Yi-Ching Pao
Epic Communications, Sunnyvale, CA, USA
"Pulsed Load Modulation (PLM) 0.35 um pHEMT Power Amplifier,"
Shuhsien Liao and Yuanxun Ethan Wang,
UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, USA

"Design of Highly-Efficient RF Polar Transmitters Using SiGe Power Amplifiers and the Envelope Tracking (ET) Technique," (Invited)
Donald Y.C. Lie, Yan Li, and Jerry Lopez
Texas Tech University,  Lubbock, TX, USA
"Linearization and Efficiency Enhancement in Cellular Handset PAs Using High Accuracy Envelope Tracking,"
Julian Hildersley, Gerard Wimpenny,
Nujira Ltd., Cambridge, UK

3:30-4:50         Session 4         Predistortion for Power Amplifier
"RF-Domain Power Amplifier Linearization," (Invited)
Olivier Charlon, and Abhijit Shanbhag
Scintera Inc.

"Behavioral Modeling and Predistortion," (Invited)
Slim Boumaiza,  
EmRG Research Group, University of Waterloo, Canada
"A Feed forward Amplifier using a Modulation Pilot and Bi-Orthogonal Demodulation for Loop Alignment Control,"
R. Neil Braithwaite,
Powerwave Technologies, Santa Ana, CA, USA

Tuesday, September 15th

9:00-10:00       Session 5         Characterization, Modeling and Linearization
"Harmonic Load Tuning Predictions from X-parameters,"
J. Horn, S. Woodington, R. Saini, J. Benedikt, P.J. Tasker, D.E. Root,
Agilent Technologies, Santa Rosa, CA, USA; Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK
"Power Amplifier Linearization using Two Hidden Layers Artificial Neural Network,"
Farouk Mkadem, Slim Boumaiza,
EmRG Research Group, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada
"Extensions to the Positive Feedback Pilot System for Second Loop Control of a Feedforward Compensated Amplifier,"
R. Neil Braithwaite and Matthew J. Hunton
Powerwave Technologies, Santa Ana, CA, USA

10:30-12.00     Session 6         Basestation, High Power Amplifiers
"Bias Modulators for Envelope Tracking Basestation PAs," (Invited)
Gerard Wimpenny
Nujira Ltd., Cambridge, UK
"250W-PEP High Efficiency Asymmetrical LDMOS Doherty Power Amplifier,"
Jangheon Kim, Bilel Fehri, John Wood, Slim Boumaiza
EmRG Research Group, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada;
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc., Tempe, AZ, USA
"A Compact L band GaN based 500W Power Amplifier,"
Matthew Poulton, David Aichele, Jason Martin,

RFMD Defense & Power Business Unit
"Two-Stage Envelope Tracking Power Amplifiers for Basestation Application,"
Yong-Pyo Hong, Jinseong Jeong, Donald F. Kimball, Jong-Gwan Yook, P.M. Asbeck, L.E. Larson,
UCSD, La Jolla, CA, USA; Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea