Session 1:

High Efficiency Techniques

1.1   Invited – A High Efficiency Chireix Out-Phasing Power Amplifier for 5GHz WLAN Applications
      (S. Cripps, HyWave Assoc - J. Grundlingh, K. Parker and G. Rabjohn, IceFyre Semiconductor)

1.2   InvitedPolar Loop Transmitter
      (T. Sowlati, Skyworks Solutions)

1.3   Optimization of Excess Envelope Enhancement for Increased Efficiency Power Amplifiers
      (I. Bar-David, Paragon Communications)

1.4   A New High-Efficiency, Linear power Amplification Design Technique Derived from Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
      (C. Glenn and G. Paliwal, Rochester Institute of Technology)

Session 2:

Base Station Amplifiers

2.1   High Efficiency GaAs, Pas for 3G Base Stations
      (R. Ranson, Filtronic ICS)

2.2   A 60-W L-Band Class-E/Fodd,2 LDMOS Power Amplifier Using Compact Multilayered Baluns
      (F. Wang and D Rutledge, California Institute of Technology)

2.3   Load-Pull based Design of Ultra-Linear W-CDMA Base-Station Power Amplifiers
      (S. Pajic, W. McCalpin and Z. Popovic, University of Colorado)

2.4   Characterization of two field-plated GaN HEMT structures
      (H. Xu, C Sanabria, Y. Wei, S. Heikman, S. Keller, U. Mishra and R. York, University of California, Santa Barbara)

Session 3:

Hand Set Amplifiers

3.1   Invited – Silicon or GaAs for Wireless PA's
      (C. Weitzel, Freescale Semiconductor)

3.2   High Efficiency Amplifiers for EDGE Applications Based on Enhancement-Mode Junction PHEMT
      (M. Willer, J.C. Clifton and L. Albasha, Sony)

3.3   Geometrical Effect Analysis on ft and fmax of 0.18mm SiGe HBT
      (P. Yeh, C. Hsieh, C. Lee, Y. Chu, K. Chang, D. Tang, J. Chern and H. Chiou, National Central University Chung-Li, Taiwan)

3.4   Intermodulation Distortion Analysis in SiGe HBT Amplifiers Using a Power-Dependent Coefficient Volterra Technique
      (J. Deng, P. Gudem and L. Larson, UCSD)

3.5   Designing Integrated Passive Devices for Reduced Module Complexity
      (M. Ray, J. Abrokwah, S. Kuo, L. Liu and M. Miller, Freescale Semiconductor)

Session 4:

Adaptive Amplifiers

4.1   Invited - Tunable RF MEMS Circuits for 4-18GHz Power Amplifier Applications
      (G. Rebeiz and T Vähä-Heikkilä, University of Michigan)

4.2   Adaptive power amplifier concepts preserving linearity under severe mismatch conditions
      (A. van Bezooijen, R. Mahmoudi and A. van Roermund, Philips - Netherlands)

4.3   Measurement of Antenna Load Impedance for Power Amplifiers
      (D. Qiao, T. Hung, F. Wang and P. Asbeck, UCSD)

4.4   Modeling of EER Transmitter
      (M. Markovic and H Modi, California State University Sacramento)

4.5   Characterization Techniques for RF & Microwave Balanced Power Amplifiers
      (A. Boudiaf, Maury Microwave)

Session 5:

Advanced Technology and Modeling

5.1   Invited - Quasi-Optical Techniques for High Power Amplifiers
      (M. DeLisio, Wavestream)

5.2   Invited - Modeling of Devices for Power Amplifiers
      (D. Root, Agilent)

5.3   Using the LSNA in Device Characterization for PA Design
      (G. Simpson, Maury Microwave)

5.4   Using S Parameters and Load Pull Measurements to validate Transistor Large-Signal Fundamental and Harmonic Tuning Performance
      (L. Dunleavy, R. Varanasi and J. Liu, University of South Florida, W. Clausen, Modelithics, and J Paviol, Conexant Systems)

Session 6:

Nonlinearity, Memory and Linearization

6.1   Predistortion Linearization Measurement Results for Power Amplifiers with Memory Effects
      (H. Qian, L. Ding, G. Zhou and J. Kenney, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA)

6.2   Understanding Nonlinear Distortion-Deterministic vs. Probabilistic Views
      (K. Gharaibeh, K. Gard and M. Steer, North Carolina State University)

6.3   Power Amplifier Nonlinearity Estimation and Predistortion with Correlation Techniques
      (M. Li, I. Galton, L. Larson and P. Asbeck, UCSD)

6.4   A First Approximation Procedure of the Static Nonlinear Predistorter in the case of Power Amplifiers
      (O. Leulescu, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania)

6.5   Exploring the Limits of Digital Predistortion
      (P. Draxler, I. Langmore, D. Kimball, J. Deng and P. Asbeck, Qualcomm and UCSD)