IEEE Topical Workshop on Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications

2002 Papers

            Session 1:  Architecture, Systems and Devices

Plenary - A New Perspective on Peaky-Signal Power Amplifiers (A. Podell)
A comparison of Si BJT, SiGe HBT, and GaAs HBT Technologies for Linear Handset PA Applications (K. Nellis et Al.)

            Session 2: Technologies for PAs

Large-Signal Modeling of PHEMT and HBT for PA Design (C. J. Wei et Al.)
Highly Linear PAs for Broad band Wireless Applications (B. Pitman et Al.)
            Session 3: Linearity Modeling and Linearization Techniques
Invited - Nonlinearity Modeling and Linearization (S. Kenney)
A Fully Integrated Cartesian Feedback Linearization System (J. l. Dawson et Al.)
Practical Implementation of Adaptation in a Digital Predistorter for RF PAs (A. Cesari et Al.)
Using DSP to Improve the Performance of a Doherty Amplifier (Y. Zhao et Al.)

            Session 4: Characterization and Modeling

            Session 5: Widebandgap Semiconductor Technologies

Invited - Transistor and Circuit Technologies for Tomorrow's Base Station PAs (R. Pengelly)
High Linearity Class B Power Ampifiers in GaN HEMT Technology (S. Xie et Al.)

            Session 6: High Power Techniques

Broadband Linear High Power Amplifier for Base Stations (P. Jia et Al.)
1 Ohm Broadband Impedance Matching Network Design Methodology for HPAs (W. McCalpin et Al.)
RF Pulse Modulation and Digitally Driven Class C PA (R. Uang et Al.)