Monday, January 16, 2006


Session 1: Plenary

1.1 Plenary Speaker: Frederick H. Raab

(Green Mountain Radio Research Co., Colchester, Vermont

Transmitter Architectures for High-Efficiency Applications

1.2 Invited Talk: Leo De Vreede

(Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands)

Linearization Techniques for Power Amplifiers at the Device and Circuit Level

1.3 Invited Talk: Bumman Kim and Jongchan Kang

(Pohang University of Science and Technology, Pohang, Korea)

Postech Activities on CMOS-Based Linear Power Amplifiers

Session 2: Amplifiers for Basestation Applications

2.1 W. Bella and J-C. Nanan

(Freescale Semiconducteurs, Toulouse, France)

2-stage 200W Doherty Amplifier for WCDMA Applications

2.2 P. Peyrot and J-J. Bouny

(Freescale Semiconducteurs, Toulouse, France)

A 200W LDMOS Doherty Amplifier Designed at the First Pass Using a Non-linear Model

2.3 M.LeFevre, D. Runton, J. Kinney, J. Wright, J-C. Nanan, and J-J. Bounty

(Freescale Semiconductor, Tempe , AZ)

Digital Pre-Distortion Application of an LDMOS 200W Doherty Amplifier

2.4 I.H. Hwang, J.Y. Kim, J.H. Kim, K.J. Cho and S.P. Stapleton

(Kwangwoon U, Seoul, Korea and Simon Fraser U, Burnaby, Canada)

Efficiency Extension of a High Power Doherty Amplifier Using Unequal Power Devices

2.5 D. Kimball, J. Jeong, C. Hsia, P. Draxler, P.M. Asbeck, D. Choi, W. Pribble and R. Pengelly

(UCSD, San Diego, CA, Qualcomm, San Diego, CA, Nokia, San Diego,CA and Cree Inc., Durham, NC)

Application of GaN Class E Amplifiers in EER/ET Amplifier Systems

Poster Session

P-1 X. Monroval and G. Bouisse

(Freescale Semiconductor, Toulouse, France)

A New Generation of High Power LDMOS RFICs for 2GHz Cellular Applications

P-2 Y-S. Jeon, J. Cha, S. Nam, and K. H. Hoo

(Seoul National U, Korea)

High-Efficiency Power Amplifier Using Novel High Speed Bias Switching

P-3 T. Kato, K. Yamaguchi and Y. Kuriyama

(Toshiba Corp., Japan)

A 4-mm-square Miniaturized Doherty PA Module for W-CDMA Mobile Terminals

P-4 V. Teppati, V. Camarchia, A.Ferrero, M. Pirola, and S.D. Guerrieri(Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy)

                        A Comprehensive GaN HEMT Characterization for Power Amplifier Design

P-5      G. Collins, B.Bakkaloglu, and S. Phillips          

                        (ASU, Tempe, AZ)     

                        Robust Compensation of Cartesian Loop Power Amplifier with Process Variability

P-6      P.N. Shastry and A.S. Ibrahim 

                        (Bradley U., Peoria, Il and Motorola, Libertyville, FL)  

                        Distributed Power Amplifiers: Output Power and Efficiency Considerations

P-7      D.H. Wisell     

                        (Ericsson, Gavle, Sweden and U. of Gavle, Sweden)

                        A Step Towards a More General Behavioral Power Amplifier Model

P-8      J. Andrews and J.D. Cressler   

                        (Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA)    

                        On the Optimal Use of Multiple Breakdown Voltage Devices in SiGe HBT Power Amplifiers

P-9      C.A. Devlin, A. Zhu and T.J. Brazil      

                        (University College Dublin, Ireland)      

                        Reduction of PAPR for OFDM Signals using Tone Reservation with Gaussian Pulses

P-10    B. Noori, J. Wood, M. Guyonnet, J. Pla, P. Hart, J. Jones, and P. Aaen
                        (Freescale Semicondutor, Tempe, AZ)     

                        Load-Pull Measurements using Realistic Signal Conditions

P-11    D. Lee, Y. Kim, C. Park, J. Han, S. Jeon, J. Park and S. Hong
                        (KAIST, Republic of Korea and Knowledge on Inc., Republic of Korea)
                        Differential HBT Power Cell and its Model Parameter Extractions

P-12    C. Park, Y. Kim, J. Han, D. Lee, D. Baek, and S. Hong          

                        (KAIST, Republic of Korea and Samsung Electronics, Republic of Korea)
                        A High Dynamic Range CMOS Power Amplifier

P-13    J. Jeong, and Y.E. Wang         

                        (UCLA, Los Angeles, CA)      

                        A Switching Mode Power Amplifier for Envelope Delta-Sigma Modulation (EDSM)

P-14    A. Ahmed, B. Bunz, E. Srinidhi and G. Kompa

                        (U of Kassel, Germany)           

                        Effect of the Short Envelope Termination on the Measured Memory Effect in GaN HEMT Power Device

P-15    Y. Zhao, A. Metzger, P. Zampardi and P.M. Asbeck   

                        (UCSD, San Diego, CA and Skyworks Solutions, Newbury Park, CA)
                        An Analytical Model of Distortion in Doherty Amplifiers Implemented with HBTs

P-16    T. O'Sullivan and P.M. Asbeck

                        (UCSD, San Diego, CA)         

                        A Dual Mode Branchline Coupler for Reconfigurable Power Amplifiers

P-17    M.Y. Li, I. Galton, L.E. Larson, and P.M. Asbeck       

                        (UCSD, San Diego, CA)         

                        Error Vector Magnitude Estimation with Correlation Techniques

P-18    J. Rode, T. Hung, and P.M. Asbeck    

                        (UCSD, San Diego, CA)         

                        Multilevel Delta-Sigma-Based Switching Power Amplifiers Systems



Session 3: Advanced Device Technologies for Power Amplifiers                

3.1       S.M. Wood, D.E. Hoekstra, R.S. Pengelly and W. L. Pribble  

(Cree, Inc., Durham, NC)

A High Linearity, High Efficiency WiMax Power Amplifier using SiC MESFETs

3.2       W. Nagy, S. Singhal, J.W. Johnson, R. Therrien, A. Chaudhari, A.W. Hanson, J. Riddle, J. Marquart, and K.J. Linthicum           

(Nitronex Corp., Raleigh, NC)

Enabling High Efficiency PA Architectures Using GaN-on-Si RF Power Transistors

3.3       N. Ui, K. Ebihara and S. Sano 

(Eudyna Devices, Inc., Japan)

High Power GaN HEMTs for WiMAX BTS

3.4       W.L. Pribble, J.M. Milligan, and R.S. Pengelly 

(Cree Inc., Durham, NC)         

High Efficiency Class-E Amplifier Utilizing GaN HEMT Technology

3.5       A.G. Metzger, P.J. Zampardi, R. Ramanathan, and K. Weller                                                  
                        (Skyworks Solutions, Newbury Park,CA)

Drivers and Applications for an InGaP/GaAs Merged HBT-FET (BiFET) Technology

3.6       J.S. Walling and D.J. Allstot     

(U of Washington, Seattle. WA)          

A 25dBm 35% PAE, 7-12 GHz Power Amplifier Utilizing Techniques to Increase Optimal Load Impedance



                   Tuesday, January 17        


            Session 4: Technology for Mobile Stations and Handsets


4.1       A. Pallotta F. Pidala, L. Labate, and A. Moscatelli       

(STMicroelectronics, Cornaredo, Italy)

Quad-band GSM Power Amplifier by Optimized BCD RFLDMOS

4.2       O. Kuijken, K. Sulaksono, L. van den Oever, R. Heeres, and L. de Maaijer
                        (Philips Semiconductors, Nijmegen, The Netherlands)  

Optimization of PA Linearity and Efficiency through Loadpull Measurements and Simulations using Modulated Signals

4.3       A. Scuderi, F. Carrara and G. Palmisano         

(STMicroelectronics, Catania,Italy, Universita di Catania, Italy)

A Gain-Boosted Silicon Bipolar Linear Power Amplifier for 802.11a Wireless LANs

4.4       P.J. Zampardi, M. Sun, L. Rushing, K. Nellis, K. Choi, J.C. Li and R. Welser  

(Skyworks Solutions, Newbury Park, CA, UCSD, San Diego, CA and Kopin Corp., Taunton, MA)    

Demonstration of a Low Vref PA Based on InGaAsN Technology

4.5       D. Qiao, D. Choi, Y. Zhao, D. Kelly, T. Hung, D. Kimball. M. Li, and P.M. Asbeck   

(UCSD, San Diego, CA, Nokia, San Diego, CA and Peregrine Semiconductor, San Diego, CA)           

Real-time Adaptation to Antenna Impedance Mismatch for CDMA Transceivers



            Session 5: Characterization and Linearization Techniques


5.1       N. Safari, J.P. Tanem and T. Roste      

                        (NTNU, Trondheim, Norway and Nera Research, Billingstad, Norway)
                        A Fast Block Based Scheme for Power Amplifier Characterization and Linearization with Experimental Results

5.2       J. Xu and Q.J. Zhang   

                        (Carleton U, Ottawa, Canada)

                        Behavioral Modeling of Power Amplifier Circuits with Short and Long Term Memory Effects Using Dynamic Neural Networks

5.3       P. Fedorenko and J.S.Kenney 

                        (Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA)    

                        Measurement of Relative Phase and Magnitude of Third Order IMD Components for Identification and Characterization of RF Power Amplifier Memory Effects

5.4       D.A. Bustos, and T. Eriksson   

                        (Politecnico di Torino, Italy and Chalmers U of Tech, Gothenburg, Sweden)          

                        Simulation of RF Power Amplifier Models into a System-Level Communication Link

5.5       S. Boumaiza, T. Liu and F.M. Ghannouchi       

                        (U of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal, Quebec, Canada)           

                        Pre-Compensation for the Long and Short-Term Memory Effects in RF Transmitters