Power Amplifier Symposium 2015

The Topical Symposium on Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications will be held during September 21st - 22nd, 2015 at San Diego in Atkinson Hall (CALIT2) on University of California, San Diego main campus. 

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Power Amplifier Symposium Scope:

Power amplifiers are a vital enabling technology for wireless communication systems, and are evolving rapidly under the dual pressures of providing improved efficiency and improved linearity in support of higher capacity. This meeting, to be held in late summer in San Diego, provides a forum for innovative work in the area of power amplifiers, including requirements for and accomplishments in amplifiers for both uplink and downlink

Papers are solicited in (but not limited to) the following areas:

Invited papers highlighting state-of-the-art developments from around the world will also be presented.

Instructions for Authors: Prospective authors are requested to submit by email a 2 page abstract (one page text, with approximately 500 words, and one page figures) clearly describing the novel features of their work to Pete Zampardi at Pete.Zampardi@qorvo.com. Abstracts of accepted papers will be distributed at the conference; however, the publication is not archival, and authors are encouraged to resubmit to journals.

Type of Submission Submission Deadline Date
Standard Submission July 20th, 2015
Late Breaking News August 25th, 2015

Conference Executive Committee:
General Chairman: Paul Draxler (Qualcomm), pdraxler@ieee.org
Technical Program Chairman: Pete Zampardi (Qorvo)Pete.Zampardi@qorvo.com
Local Arrangements Chair: Peter Asbeck(UCSD)asbeck@ece.ucsd.edu

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